Persistent Storage Topic 2.1.3 / Core
Key points
  • the need for persistent storage;
  • the consequences of data loss;
  • why we need to retain so much data.
  • serial access;
  • sequential access;
  • direct (random) access;
  • volatile and non-volatile storage.
  • Computer Confluence chapter 0 Basics
  • Computer Confluence chapter 1 Computer Currents and Internet Waves
Related topics


The inside of a hard disk.

  1. Work through this presentation on Persistent Storage.
  2. Spend 10 minutes exploring the Teach-ICT web site on storage.
  3. State one advantage and one disadvantage of direct access. [2 marks] (2007 November SL P1 q7)
  4. (a) Define secondary memory. [2 marks]
    (b) Describe a situation in which secondary memory could be used as an extension of primary memory. [2 marks] (November 2006 SL P1 q3).
  5. Define virtual memory and give an example of when it might be used. [2 marks] (May 2006 SL P1 q9).
  6. Describe the features of a hard disk system that allows direct access to data stored in a file on a disk. [4 marks] (May 2008 SL P1 q12)
  7. Explain one reason why flash memory is increasingly being used as a portable storage medium. [3 marks] (May 2006 SL P1 q10).