Operating Systems & Applications Topic 2.1.4 / Core
Key points
  • the main functions of a (single-user) operating system;
  • simple memory management;
  • the use of a range of application software (word processors, spreadsheets, database management systems, email, web browsers, computer- aided design and graphic processing software);
  • common features of applications (toolbars, menus, dialogue boxes, graphical user interfaces) which improve usability;
  • some features are provided by the application software and some by the operating system.
  • OS;
  • applicaation software;
  • utility software.
  • ICT for GCSE section 3.1 Operating systems;
  • Computer Confluence pp. 151 - 155, System Software: the Hardware-Software Connection.
Related topics

How many different operating systems can you name?

  1. Study this presentation on Operating Systems.
  2. State two functions of an operating system, other than to control the user interface. [2 marks] (May 2007 SL P1 q2)
  3. Compare the OS you use at home with one other - a short table of advantages and disadvantages should do.