Objects Topic 4.3.11 / Core
Key points
  • modelling objects that better match the real world;
  • black box;
  • instantiate.
  • Eck chapter 5
Related topics

    A list of objects for you to enjoy:

    1. Follow through this presentation on Objects.
    2. Download and open ClassRegisterObjects. Look at the Student class first and see if you can work out how the two types of student are made.
    3. Outside the class ClassRegisterObjects, what syntax would you have to use to output the current age of the student object stored at position 23 of the array?
    4. Identify the data structure that would be most suitable for the processing of the following sets of data:
      (a) rainfall data for several cities for each month of a year [1 mark]
      (b) personnel data for the employees of a company. [1 mark] (November 2006 SL P1 q4)